Case Study Results #2

What problems were you facing that caused you to look into coaching?
I was finding that I was continually dating the same kinds of men who all had some sort of problem that I subconsciously tried to “fix”.  I didn’t know why I was attracting these men but knew that my confidence was often times tied up in how good I could make them feel rather than how I felt about myself.  If they were upset I made it my problem.  For this reason, I was also having a hard time letting go of my “savior’s complex” and the idea that if I was good enough, it would solve all the issues that we had.  I looked into coaching to figure out what I was doing to enable the behavior of these men because I wanted to stop it so that I could attract a man who would cherish all the effort and loyalty I have to offer.
What was this costing you?
My savior’s complex was costing me all my relationships and it was making me doubt myself and my own self-worth.  I wasn’t happy.  I was stressed out, tired and frustrated with my lack of progress despite what I felt were my best efforts.  I was suspicious of other women and was dealing with jealousy because I didn’t recognize and appreciate my own value and what I have to offer people.
How did the Love Energy course help you solve your problem?
It’s taught me to let go of the past and focus on myself and what makes me happy.  It’s taught me to look more positively at the future knowing that I have some good tools now that will help me navigate the situations that will come in the future.  I’ve learned to stand up for myself in a respectful way and do the things that I know are good for me because I can’t help anyone if I don’t first help myself.  I’ve learned to take responsibility for my actions rather than blaming the people around me for the things that have happened in my life.  I am now optimistic about my future and I believe that I can manifest wonderful things, as I practice gratitude daily.

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