Case Study Results #1

What problems where you facing that caused you to look into coaching?

I was dealing with constant fighting with my husband. Moving in and out of the house back and forth. And the fights were horrible. We couldn’t come to terms with many things and instead of knowing how to handle them, they escalated into bad fights that started turning physical. We have a daughter together and I wasn’t sure what to do or where to turn. Every time we fought, I lost myself and turned into this crazy person that had severe anxiety attacks. I left him and I didn’t know how to even be able to function on my own. I didn’t know what to do and honestly, I didn’t know how to survive with or without him.

My problem was also greater than my relationship. I had issues for years that I was dealing with as well. Like insecurities and an inability to not be able to depend on someone emotionally. I have dealt with similar relationships for a very long time.

What was this costing you?

My problem was costing me time, happiness, my family, joy of being with my children. I was unable to focus on my job, my career, and basically everything. I was in a dark cloud and I wasn’t able to see beyond it. I had extreme anxiety. I felt so lost. I was so desperate for someone else to save me before… because I didn’t want to save myself.

How did the LOVE ENERGY course help you solve your problem?

The program allowed me to see inside myself, where I have been, and what made me think so poorly of myself by allowing me to accept negativity into my life. I had low self esteem and was unable to be independently happy “all on my own”. Through the program, I was able to see what made me happy and that I can have the life I deserve. My thoughts were so negative, pushing blame on everyone for all these bad things and I learned how to realize that every bad thing brought me something wonderful. I developed accountability for where I am and what has happened in my past, it taught me what to accept and what I deserve. It taught me about the power of the universe, manifesting wonderful things, being grateful, believing and saying things that changed my mindset and made me realize everything was going to be okay. It taught me how to let go of things from my past that tore me apart inside, and be able to let go of it.

My life has come back because I can smile again and be happy all on my own. I am able to deal with difficult situations knowing it will be okay, knowing I am deserving of wonderful things, and I won’t settle for less than what I deserve. I never was my own person. I always became what someone else wanted me to be to make them happy. Now I know what makes me happy and every day I find ways to further develop who I am meant to be. A problem that I felt was relationship deep, showed me in much greater detail, not only why I wasn’t happy, but it gave me the tools to work on me every day and be happy in every aspect of my life.

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