Case Study Results #3

What problems were you facing before?
After 11 years of marriage, it felt like we’d never made it past the first month. We had been through so much I had no idea if we were together because of love or a trauma bond/codependent issue. I was so shut down I never wanted to be intimate with him ever again. I didn’t know what was wrong, I just knew it was a shitty relationship and I didn’t know if I wanted it to get better or be over.

What was this costing you?
EVERYTHING! No matter how hard I tried to succeed at anything in life I’d eventually just shut down because the most important thing in my life, my marriage, felt worthless. I felt worthless. I didn’t value myself at all, which made it impossible to ask clients to pay me a livable amount. I felt like all my dreams were impossible. I was a yes woman who was trying to find value in what other people thought of me and I was miserable 😭 .

How did the LOVE ENERGY course help you solve your problem?
First and most importantly it helped me see what love truly is, and taught me HOW to love myself. Nobody can love you more than you love yourself, and your capacity to feel love comes from within yourself, not from a feeling others try to make you feel. Now I know how to feel true love whenever I want and can freely give myself what I need. I also know that nobody else can love me more than they love themselves (it goes both ways). Now I’m only willing to consider relationships with others who are coming from that place themselves. I also found that I was terrified of the truth and had been lying to myself to justify staying in a relationship that made everyone miserable. I get stuck because I wasn’t allowing myself to consider ending the relationship. It’s still scary as hell to go through a divorce, but since I made the decision it’s been so liberating! I can finally feel a deep peace that I’d never known before. I can trust myself, and I can trust others and let them in instead of fearfully keeping myself hidden at all costs. I’m stepping forward towards everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Love Energy!

Love energy- my energy had been completely depleted. I never knew how to love myself- I didn’t even know what that meant.

Now it’s a pivotal part of my life to keep my love energy strong 💪

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