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Love Energy


Love Energy is an 8-week course that takes women from broken, lost and hurt to….. whole, healed and happy. The program starts by tearing down your unstable and broken foundation and helps you rebuild a strong and healthy foundation. With a strong and healthy foundation, you will be able to advance your life to a new state of consciousness that will bring you love, joy, and prosperity. This course will change your life.


Become more in your life… so you can have whatever you desire. Learn how to show up more, love more, forgive more, and overall be more so you can manifest the things you want!!

For a limited time, I have designed a group course around Love Energy. This group course offers a lower priced option for those to receive the healing they desire and need at a lower price than traditional 1:1 coaching. We work together, supporting one another and listening to each others’ lives. Get value from other’s experiences. Go from misery and feel like your life is out of control to finding peace and healing. Love is really out there! We want to help you find it again.


From now until December 31st, 2018 ONLY, I am offering this 8-week group course at a deep discount. You can join for one full payment of only $200 OR  I also offer a 2 payment option at $125 each.  Join us today!


Here is what they are saying: 

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share some of my story.  Most of my life I have been a people pleaser, always wanting everyone else to be happy before my own happiness.  This has caused me to be in many bad relationships.  I’ve dealt with lying, cheating, emotinal abuse, physical abuse, and completely taking care of people who didn’t deserve my time.  When I was introduced to this group I just sat back and wached what was going on here an thought that might be enough but I realized it wasn’t.  I decided to join Jamie’s group session.  This is by far the best decision I have made for myself.  In just the first week I changed how I looked at life and that in return started changing what life was giving me.  I’m coming up on week 4 and I’ve made so many big discoveries about my past and what I can do to change myself and get the happiness I’ve always wanted.  Trust me, it isn’t an easy proces and I’m still learning things, but I can tell you that in just 4 weeks I am already happier and physically and meantally healthier.  The group session is so nice because you have Jamie’s support and the support of people going through similar things.  The best advice I can give you is to join the group. Do it for yourself, show up for yourself, love yourself!  It is absolutely changing my life & I just know that it could change yours too!

~ April



Jamie’s program which is called Love Energy, has changed my life in so many ways!  Not only did it change my life, but the system Jamie teaches continues to change and shape my life everyday.  Even though I have finished the program, I am continuously surprised at how the shifts I have made continue to show up in my life.  The amazing process Jamie takes you through in her program is something I should have done years ago.  Her coaching and program not only made me a stronger and wiser person, but it also made me become more present in my every day life.  I also improved my relationships, my job performance, and my family relationships.  Not only have I been able to appreciate all of the moments in my life and find joy again, but I am also able to see where I wasn’t a perfect partner from tragedy in my past.  Learning how and what has transformed me and programmed me to hold me back in life was eye opening.  I learned about manifesting the life I have dreamt of and I continue to attract it more and more everyday.  Becoming self-aware of who I am and what truly makes me happy has changed my life forever!


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