Are You Ready to Get Off the Roller Coaster Yet?

C5E9F752-AC97-49E2-BDD8-0F37435BF3BE.jpegYou know the one where your emotions go from extreme highs to extreme lows…. Where your heart wants to fix everything but your head tells you to run.

I have heard it all… He cheats on me and then tells me he has changed.

He tells me she is just a friend that’s confused and nothing has happened but she goes crazy when she sees us together.

He lies to me about where he’s been and I am stupid enough to believe him.

He got someone pregnant but says it isn’t his… he says she is trying to set him up.

He comes around when he needs something and talks me into giving him what he wants every time.

You believe him when you know you shouldn’t…. But you want to. You want it to work out so badly…. that you compromise yourself because when it’s good…. it’s REALLY good!

Are you that lost little girl hoping for a fairy tale ending?
Get off the roller coaster ride darling… there isn’t anything you can do to change the direction of the tracks.

Save yourself now… quit wasting your life on someone who doesn’t see your value.

You are #worthyoflove. The real love! Not the roller coaster kind.

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