Dating Like a Man

MEN ARE AMAZING at dating. Whether they know it or not, they are much better at it than most women.

  1. MEN DON’T SETTLE DOWN UNTIL THEY GET THEIR SH*T TOGETHER. For men, dating is just for fun and they keep it casual until they have all their other affairs in order. One thing unique about most men is they are very focused on what they want to accomplish. They tend to take on less at one time than women do. Women generally are more likely to multitask.
  2. MEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO DATE MULTIPLE WOMEN AT THE SAME TIME. Men do not get emotionally involved while dating. They usually have a few women they are talking to at a time. This is fun and exciting for them and it allows them to learn about themselves and what they want from a partner.
  3. MEN COMMUNICATE PHYSICALLY NOT THROUGH TALKING. While women like to talk everything out, a man is looking to communicate with you physically. They don’t want to hear about your feelings or get wrapped up in any social drama. If you want a man to be serious about you and really get to know you, hold off on getting physically intimate with him unless that is what you desire. But don’t get hung up on him because there is a good chance he will loose interest quickly.
  4. MEN LIKE THE CHASE. Men like to be the pursuers. Sit back and watch if a man is interested in you. See what he will do for you and what he is willing to do to get your attention. No matter how much you like a guy… if he isn’t willing to treat you right, consider the obvious… You dodged a bullet!

Go out there ladies and start dating like the men you are going out with. Before you settle down… make sure you have your SHIT together! Don’t date one guy at a time, you should always be talking to 1-3 other guys at a time so you don’t get too emotionally attached and when you see any “red flags” you can weed through them easily. Don’t get physical with a guy until you know he is REALLY interested in you. I recommend waiting 3 months to see if he sticks around to be with you. Lastly, men like the chase. Feel free to drop a few hints to get his attention but then sit back and see what he does. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS so be mindful of that.

Happy Dating!!

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